Stories from the Road – Grateful in Polannaruwa


Together with Dr. Keegel, we went on a week long trip to Polannaruwa to visit our Pastors and encourage our people and family out there.┬áDespite the 38C heat and the drought that’s been plaguing this area in Central Sri Lanka, we found people to be in good spirits and sharing testimonies of God’s grace.

We met these children out in a small village on the outskirts of town playing with old baby strollers and excited to get their photos taken.


Their parents were ostracized from their families and village for converting to Christianity.

With nowhere to go and nothing to t heir names they fled and built a small makeshift home with mud and old tin with just enough each month to survive. Regardless of their situation, they served us fresh fruit and welcomed us into their humble home. We sat on a sofa set that had no cushions and were covered with cardboard so it could also be used as a bed during the nights. When we left we ensured that arrangements were made for them to be able to purchase cushions right away.

Listening to their story saddened us but at the same time challenged us to be more bold and to be like them – trust God for EVERYTHING. Despite their desperate circumstances there was pure joy and peace because they knew that with their God they would never lack a thing.